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Griffin Hill Farm

1081 Freedom Crider Road

Freedom, PA 15042

Funny Story

So being that we have a lot of goats, I rarely will keep a wether since they don't breed....and hence, don't really earn their keep. But that being said, wethers have lots of fantastic qualities. They make fantastic pets (all the love of a buck, none of the hormones or the stinkiness). Sometimes we keep them to show so we can see the qualities of the pairing for future breeding decisions. Sometimes we keep them so they can let us know when a doe is in heat without actually doing anything about it. But here, more often than not, we end up keeping them simply because I forgot about them out in the field LOL....(yes true story, I have 2 forgotten wethers....they are 1 (finally sold him) and 4 years old (he's just gonna stay and be Lukie's BFF)... you can meet them below)

Griffin Hill Farm Lucas James

Griffin Hill Farm Tequila Rose x Fallen and Can't Get Up Malachi


Lucas, or Lukey as we like to call him, was born here, but purchased by our long time friend and boarder. He was my only experience of "keeping" a wether on purpose. I also learned to never sell a goat to someone that is going to keep him at your house, cuz if you hate him...well he doesn't leave. And not that I despise him or anything, but he always manages to find trouble....climbing into my feed bucket when I'm carrying it out to feed in the morning, or bossing the low totem pole goats maybe he's just irritating...LOL 

Griffin Hill Farm Nemo

Griffin Hill Farm Zig Zag Joy x Fallen and Can't Get Up Malachi


Nemo is kinda a "fell through the cracks" kinda boy. When he was young, one of my friends needed a temporary companion to hang with her doe when her other doe suddenly passed away. When he came back from his vacation, it was past selling season and I just forgot about him. Plus we had Lukey.... and Nemo became Lukey's goat.... They were always together, and it seemed mean to separate them. 

WP Rhevenge

WP Laverne x WP Don Julio


Rhev was a last minute decision at a show..... "He's for sale" and then proceeds to name a really great price on a platinum wether... So now he is Morgan's platinum wether prospect and also Dakota's new hang out buddy. They are inseparable and about the same size. Hopefully they will also accept Spruce into their little cliche and they will all be best show buddies (BSB's).  


Rhevenge was Champion Wether in both Show A and B at Montgomery County Fair! Morgan was shocked!...well, so was I LOL. 

E6954 Freedom Hill Farm Black Diamond Bugaboo


Brown Eyes

Born 01/10/2020

Sire: Fern Hill Diamond Rio

Dame: Becky's Funny Farm Chloe

Bugsy was Morgan's bottle baby. He has a sweet and easy personality and after much debate, we decided to wether him this year. He's so happy to get to run with the rest of the herd, and he's been stellar at letting us know who is in heat! Conformationally, Bug is a little bit of a nightmare, but Morgan will continue to show him and use him as her showmanship goat until she ages out of showmanship. Bugsy's momma is now retired and his father passed away at the begining of the year, so he is the end of an era.