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Griffin Hill Farm

1081 Freedom Crider Road

Freedom, PA 15042

Pricing Guide and Conditions of Sale:

Does: $450 unless otherwise specified

Bucks: $450 unless otherwise specified

Wethers: $200

Multi Purchase Discounts:

$50 off any wether when more than one goat is purchased.

Repeat Buyer Discount (not combined with any other discounts): $25 off the next purchase. Applies to Does, Bucks, and Wethers.

Each Party will have responsibility for the exchanges as follows:

Griffin Hill Farm is responsible for and will:

1. Feed, House and provide basic maintenance and health care to the goat(s) until the agreed upon pick up date.

2. Give possession of the goat(s) to the Buyer on the agreed upon date after full payment is made. 

3. Will provide the MGR paperwork required to register or transfer goat(s) into Buyer's name for all breeding stock animals.

4. Provide membership forms to become a breeder with Myotonic Goat Registry if Buyer is not already a member.

The Buyer is responsible for and will:

1. Pay a $50 deposit to hold goat(s) until agreed upon pick up date. No goats will be held without a deposit unless pick up is within 24 hours. Deposit will be applied towards the final total of the goat. Deposits are non-refundable.

2. Pick up goats on agreed upon date.

3. Pay the remainder of the full purchase price with CASH, Cashier's Check, or Money Order.

4. Pay for, and provide, adequate transportation of the goat - all goats must be transported in an adequately sized, covered, ventilated, safe fehicle where they may comfortably, and safely, stand, turn around, and lay down. If the buyer shows up to pick up goat(s) with what Griffin Hill Farm determines to be unsatisfactory and/or unsafe transportation, Griffin Hill Farm retains the right to refuse to release the goat(s).

5. Pay for Veterinarian Health Certificate required by law for interstate travel and fees charged by Vet for farm call and tests.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The down payment is non-refundable. If the buyer decides to cancel purchase, their down payment will not be refunded.

2. Goats are guaranteed free of injury and in good health at time of sale. Griffin Hill Farm makes or implied no other guarantees or warrenties.

3. If the goat is not picked up within 1 week of the agreed upon date, the buyer forfeits the animal as well as the down payment, unless we have agreed on other arrangements in writing, text, or email.

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Griffin Hill Farm Sweet Crystal Spice



Sire: Griffin Hill Farm Shazam

Dame: Griffin Hill Farm Meadow

Horned, Brown Eyes, Triplet (2 bucks, 1 doe)

Sugar is going to make someone a really nice breeding stock doe. She has a nice head and shorter ears than have been seen in a while. Chocolate and White, she is flashy, and stocky.


Griffin Hill Farm Amigo


Twin, horned, brown eyes

Wether $200 

Sire: Buck Creek Turbo

Dame: Fallen and Can't Get Up As You Wish 

Amigo will make a great pet. His current picture doesn't do him justice, he's a really cute boy.  

Griffin Hill Farm Boot Scootin Boogie


Twin, Doeling, horned

Sire: Buck Creek Turbo

Dame: Pahl's Farm Head Over Boots

SOLD pending deposit

Griffin Hill Farm Dreamer


Horned, Brown Eyes, Moonspotted

Sire: Blossom View Goats Peace Keeper

Dame: Griffin Hill Farm Violet

Wether: $200

Buck: $500

This boy is not actually available as a buck yet. He's on the watch list still. He is flashy and stout and as of now passes most of my requirements, but he has a fold in one ear that i'm waiting to come out. Impatiently I might add. I'm impatient. Just unfold already. He's super nice otherwise. Time will tell. But he's currently available as a wether. 

Griffin Hill Farm Cajun Spice




$450 buck

$200 wether

Sire: Griffin Hill Farm Shazam

Dame: Griffin Hill Farm Meadow 

This boy is beautiful. He is stocky and has a great headset. He would make a nice herd sire or pet. 

Griffin Hill Farm Storm Harbor


Wether $200

Horned, brown eyes

Stormy would make a great pet!

Sire: Griffin Hill Farm Shazam

Dame: Fern Hill Calli Flower

Griffin Hill Farm Wind In My Sails


Doeling, Triplet (2 bucks, 1 doe), horned

Sire: Griffin Hill Farm Shazam

Dame: Fern Hill Calli Flower

This girl brings a lot to the table. She has great bone, width, and is feminine. I love her and she has been on my keeper list until I realized I had 6 doelings on the keeper list.... I only allowed myself to keep 3. My loss is someone else's gain. This one will be a win for someone. I'm gonna regret this one. 


Freedom Hill Farm Dixie Land Delight




Brown Eyes

Sire: Buck Creek Turbo

Dame: La Chevre D'Or Mint

This doeling is a triplet (2 bucks, 1 doe). She is really on the small side, and I think once her brothers are weaned she is going to sprout. Being that I only allowed myself to keep 3, I had to give this one up. I think I'll regret it. And if she doesn't go quick, well, I may change my mind. 


Griffin Hill Farm Rain In December


polled, triplet (2 girls, 1 boy)

I can guarantee I will regret selling this one. She is definitely one of my favorites. 


Griffin Hill Farm Exclusive Design


horned, marble blue eyes

single Doeling

sire: Griffin Hill Farm Shazam

Dame: WP Unique

This was probably my biggest oops ever. Unique got into the buck pen and I didn't think she was in heat at the time. I was wrong. Unique gave birth at 8 months old and has been a spectacular mother. This baby was small but special as soon as she was born. She has blossomed in the last 6 weeks. I hate to not pick her. LOL (it's a reoccuring theme this year)


Griffin Hill Farm Splashes of Silver



twin, horned

Sire: Buck Creek Turbo

Dame: A Sharper Edge Silver

This is by the far the biggest doeling born this year. She is beautiful and continues to grow better than any doeling on the farm. I'm not sure why i'm not keeping her. That was a mistake.