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Griffin Hill Farm

1081 Freedom Crider Road

Freedom, PA 15042

Pricing Guide and Conditions of Sale:

Does: $450 unless otherwise specified

Bucks: $450 unless otherwise specified

Wethers: $250

Multi Purchase Discounts:

$25 off any doe or buck when more than one is purchased.

$50 off any wether when more than one goat is purchased.

Repeat Buyer Discount (not combined with any other discounts): $25 off the next purchase and $50 off any other purchase made at the same time. Applies to Does, Bucks, and Wethers.

Each Party will have responsibility for the exchanges as follows:

Griffin Hill Farm is responsible for and will:

1. Feed, House and provide basic maintenance and health care to the goat(s) until the agreed upon pick up date.

2. Give possession of the goat(s) to the Buyer on the agreed upon date after full payment is made. 

3. Will provide the MGR paperwork required to register or transfer goat(s) into Buyer's name for all breeding stock animals.

4. Provide membership forms to become a breeder with Myotonic Goat Registry if Buyer is not already a member.

The Buyer is responsible for and will:

1. Pay a $50 deposit to hold goat(s) until agreed upon pick up date. No goats will be held without a deposit unless pick up is within 24 hours. Deposit will be applied towards the final total of the goat. Deposits are non-refundable.

2. Pick up goats on agreed upon date.

3. Pay the remainder of the full purchase price with CASH, Cashier's Check, or Money Order.

4. Pay for, and provide, adequate transportation of the goat - all goats must be transported in an adequately sized, covered, ventilated, safe fehicle where they may comfortably, and safely, stand, turn around, and lay down. If the buyer shows up to pick up goat(s) with what Griffin Hill Farm determines to be unsatisfactory and/or unsafe transportation, Griffin Hill Farm retains the right to refuse to release the goat(s).

5. Pay for Veterinarian Health Certificate required by law for interstate travel and fees charged by Vet for farm call and tests.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The down payment is non-refundable. If the buyer decides to cancel purchase, their down payment will not be refunded.

2. Goats are guaranteed free of injury and in good health at time of sale. Griffin Hill Farm makes or implied no other guarantees or warrenties.

3. If the goat is not picked up within 1 week of the agreed upon date, the buyer forfeits the animal as well as the down payment, unless we have agreed on other arrangements in writing, text, or email.

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E6953 Griffin Hill Farm Shazam


This was intended to be my show buckling for the 2019 season, but due to Covid19, things just didn't work out. He's ready for a job. I've loved all his siblings, but already have 4 mature bucks and 1 jr buck. He has been stocky, deep, and wide from the very beginning. Growth rate was excellent and as of 7/4/20 was 81#.  UTD on CDT, hoof trimming, and copper bolus (8-16-20).

 As of 5-19-2021 Shazam weighed 130#.  He is now 18 months old and ready for his own herd. Will show at South Mountain May 2021.


1. Griffin Hill Farm Huckleberry

Calli Flower x Max


horned, brown eyes

weight @ 5-19: 49.12#

buckling $450

2. Freedom Hill Farm Bartholomew

Angelica x Rio


Polled, brown eyes

weight @ 5-19: 45#


3. Griffin Hill Farm Obsidian

Violet x Shazam


Polled, Brown Eyes

weight @ 5-19: 38#

Buckling: $450

Wether: $250


4. Griffin Hill Farm Deadpool

Alyssa x Rio


horned, brown eyes

weight @ 5-19: 52#

wether: $250

Deadpool won the Market Wether Division at South Mountain Myotonic Goat show and is now qualified for Nationals!!! 

5. Griffin Hill Farm Lightning McQueen

Rose x Shazam


horned, brown eyes

weight @ 5-19: 49.2#

wether: $250

6. Griffin Hill Farm Bambi's Boy

Bambi x Shazam


Horned, Brown Eyes

Moonspotted on chest and knee

weight @ 5-19: 51#

wether: $250

7. Griffin Hill Farm Heathen

Meadow x Shazam


horns, brown eyes

weight @ 5-19: 56#

wether: $250

Heathen is being shown in the market wether category at South Mountain MGR Shows and will not be eligible to compete as a Platinum wether. 

8. Freedom Hill Farm Peter Parker

Angelica x Rio


POLLED, brown eyes

weight @ 5-19: 

wether: $250

Peter would make a fantastic pet. He should remain on the smaller size as his mother was a smaller doe. He has a pretty sweet personality once he gets to know you.